Workshop: PostgreSQL Masterclass

Workshop: PostgreSQL Masterclass

A workshop for advancing your RDBMS skills



Work better with PostgreSQL. Understand and master the various tools you have at your disposal when working with a database with this two-day intensive workshop.

Topics the workshop will cover:

  1. Grok SQL: Understand how queries are constructed, composed, how joins work, and never again get stuck writing complex queries.
  2. Constraints, checks, data integrity: Validate your data, and preserve integrity using constraints. Learn about different kinds of constraints, and how, when, and why of using them.
  3. Domain modelling, schema Design: How to represent your domain information in a relational universe. Tried and tested design patterns, and when to use them. e.g. normalisation and de-normalisation, triggers, event sourcing.
  4. The dev environment: Give yourself a dev setup that gets out of your way and makes you productive. What tools to use? What to keep in your dot-files?
  5. Go Meta: Peek under the hood. Answer questions like: what queries are currently running? How many tables are referenced by this table?

##Prerequisites for attending PostGreSQL master class:

  1. Participants must bring their own laptops for the workshop.
  2. This master class is for practicing developers who use relational databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL in their applications. This is an intermediate to advanced workshop. Hence, experience using RDBMS is required. The PostGreSQL Masterclass is programming language agnostic. SQL is all we will need and use.

About the instructor:

Swanand Pagnis is the Director of Engineering at Deserve Inc. He has been organising the Bangalore Ruby User group meetups for the last decade. Ruby and SQL are the top weapons of choice for him. He lives by the “continuous improvement” value and encourages others to do so.

#Workshop details:
Dates: 4 and 5 October 2019
Time: 9:15 AM to 6:00 PM
Venue: HasGeek, 2699, 19th Main, 5th cross, HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore - 560008



2699, 19th Main, 5th Cross, HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar

Bangalore - 560008

Karnataka, IN


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