ReactFoo-VueDay Hyderabad edition

ReactFoo-VueDay Hyderabad edition

React and Vue for performance engineering and front-end development

Kushagr Arora


ReactJS Refresher

Submitted Feb 2, 2020

ReactJS has been trending for the last couple of years. Today, it’s not odd to find teams blindly choosing ReactJS for their projects, without thinking about the business use case. This presentation answers the unasked questions of “why” we need ReactJS and “how” a dev team should use it.


  • Understanding the usecase by comparing how ReactJS and other libraries work.
  • Create-react-app : a boon or a bane
  • Using ReactJS in teams
  • Staying updated with ReactJS


There’s no hands-on session. Notebooks, pens and water bottles would be suffice.

Speaker bio

I am currently working as a Full-Stack Developer at Airtel x Labs, Gurugram. With the prior experience of working as a front-end developer in a start-up, I recently jumped to a full-stack role in a huge team at Airtel, I have witnessed and resolved the conflicts that occur around ReactJS amongs developers and stakeholders.



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