Shashank Kumar


Telegram Bot using Python

Submitted Aug 8, 2017

Telegram being open source grabs attention of most developers on first sight and moreover it’s free to use Bot API adds more fun to it’s platform. Whether you want to create a cool assistant that schedules task and reminds you at the right time or ML based bot which changes your photos into cool artwork you need to start by creating a basic skeleton bot which can be scaled later on. This talk will go through all the details required to do just that and by the end of the talk you’ll have your bot hosted on your android smartphone, no conditions applied.


I’ll be covering following packages points during my talk.

  1. Telegram Bot API
  2. python-telegram-bot package for a real world solution
  3. What would better for your bot, polling or webhook?
  4. How to host your bot on smartphone using Termux

Speaker bio

I’m a computer science undergrad student from NIET, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, India and also work a full stack developer intern for Alteora Solutions Inc. based in Canada. I’ve been in the community scene since only a year, volunteering for PyCon India and other regional technical group based in Delhi NCR. Community is where I learn a better perspective of looking into technology and creating cool stuff. If you stumble upon my profile on any of the social platform with @realslimshanky, say ‘HI’. I’m always excited to talk about ideas.



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