Ashish Sethi


Pedestrian detection using computer vision and deep neural networks

Submitted Sep 15, 2017

Pedestrian detection is one the most popular topic in computer vision.people are researching in this topic from last 15 years and developed about 40+ algorithms but still we are far from saturation point. So in this talk I will talk about why we need robust pedestrian detection system using deep neural networks and computer vision techniques and show up the live demo of pedestrian detection system.


What is pedestrian detection

  1. Brief introduction about pedestrian detection
  2. Why do we need such system(Motivation)
  3. Overview of all algorithm from past 15 years(Literature review)

Implementation details

  1. Algorithm how computer vision and neural networks are used
  2. I will explain the whole code
  3. Live Demo


Basic knowledge of computer vision,deep learning and python

Speaker bio

I’m a final year undergrad student from NIEC Delhi,India.right now working as research intern in IIT guwahati under professor.My main area of interest are computer vision and machine learning.from past two years I have working on computer vision problems. Last year,I also worked with MIT media labs india.



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