PyCon Pune 2018

PyCon Pune

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How I started my motorcycle with Python


Anoop Nayak


Python has been the go-to language for nearly all logical problems. This presentation in a nutshell is about my venture with Python and how I started my motorcycle without the keys using it. It throws light into the basics of electronics in a motorcycle and how to code to turn on the circuit using Python. This presentation also explores how Python is used to collect metrics from the motor cycle’s ecu via bluetooth ( over OBD port ) and push it to a server. The application that is discussed is a Python based android app. The basics of developing a Python based android app will be presented as well.


Speaker bio

I’m an avid pythonista with around 6 years of experience in Python. I’ve been majorly involved in the developmental stage of multiple startups from my college days. I currently work at LinkedIn as a Site Reliability Engineer. I also am a major contributor to LinkedIn Lite android app. Apart from computers, riding bikes and tinkering with my Duke is what I do