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Sundeep Anand

Getting started with Transtats

Submitted Sep 14, 2017

In overall success of localization timely translation and their packaging/shipping for targeted release matter the most. Plus packaged translations should be tested as well. In some cases upstream manages the workflow and in another may it be managed for downstream only. In total a sync between upstream, translation platform and build system seem missing. Which actually results in delay or poor localized interfaces. Transtats is an attempt to fill this gap. It answers some of the questions like (1) Translation status of packages at all three places (2) Translation workload estimation for coming release (3) Translation coverage of a list of packages in a set of languages for a given release. Along with this, it can automate a few steps of l10n workflow as well.

In this session lets discuss technical aspects of Transtats: its components. What these parts do? How we can make it better, together!


i18n and l10n Overview
Introduction to Transtats
Short Transtats Demo
Application Components
Contributing to Transtats


To make transtats dev env up and running, you need vagrant, docker and ansible running on your laptop :)

Speaker bio

Sundeep works with Red Hat, Pune. He contributes to Ansible, Fedora, Transtats and Zanata projects. His interests include linux, i18n, web, containers, devops. He is active in community and speaks at Flock, FOSSAsia, PyCon Pune, PythonPune MeetUps. His IRC nick is suanand.


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