Sumedh Nimkarde


Automating your Web browser for testing with Selenium-Python.

Submitted Sep 2, 2017

Now a days, testing has gained much importance in every field. Without testing, no application can be shipped. If tried to do so, there may be lots and lots of complaints from the users of the application which may lead to lose their confidence in our application. Trying to fix one bug without testing may create other. Thus, testing is very important when it comes to making a polished product.

Selenium Python API is however gaining importance in terms of functional/acceptance testing for the websites. It can automate the browsers, run them in background and can help in checking various DOM things very easily with its very descriptive predefined selector methods.
With Selenium, we can automate the keyboard and mouse and thus perform various actions like clicking, hovering, filling the form data, etc easily.

Thus, the talk would be based on functional/acceptance testing with Selenium, followed by a live demo of the same thereby automating the browser.


The talk will have the following sections:
Importance of testing in web applications
Introduction to selenium webdriver.
Live demo of selenium on how it does testing and how it will throw an error if the tests fail.
Conclusion, Next steps


Internet, Projector

Speaker bio

I am a third year computer engineering student from NIT Surat. I love building new things with which would ease people’s lives. I did my Google Summer of Code in Summer 2017 under FOSSASIA. Currently I am Mentor at Codeheat, FOSSASIA(Codeheat is a programme which encourages the new contributors in Open Source). Also, I was a Summer Intern at Hackerrank in 2017. When I am not programming, you can find me playing my guitar.


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