Vishal Vijayraghavan


Automating Web testing using Selenium,Tesseract and PIL

Submitted Sep 12, 2017

This talk will focus on my own module (WTDrivers) which can be used in web based automated testing.
In web based automation the biggest issue is to locate any widget or to traverse through all the elements in the navigation bar because selenium uses mechanism like xpath to locate widget or element.

  • what if id changes?

  • what if new elements get added onto your navigation list that items would be untracked by script?

  • what if some changes are caused in regression?

  • what if xpath is derived from text and interface is localized?

This are some real life scenarios which would interrupt your script flow.

In WTDrivers module we have used selenium in combination with PIL and tesseract which omits some limitations of selenium and dynamic UI changes.
This is a generic approach towards web-traversal which can be tweak around and can automate more complex stuffs.


Breaking Up the talk.
1.Introduction existing ways to automate Web based testing and challenges faced during those approach
2.Introduction to WTDrivers framework and code walkthrough.
4.Q & A Session


1.Basics of selenium.

Speaker bio

I am vishal vijayraghavan interning with platform QE at RedHat.
My talk is based on one of my poject module on which i am currently working on “Automation framework for i18n testing”.
Linux and python enthusiast willing to take up complex problems and solve it.


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