Kapil Bakshi


All About Security in Django

Submitted Sep 15, 2017

Dive deep into Django Security and see what amazing stuff Django has to offer to make your apps much more secured. From XSS protection to Clickjacking protection, from preventing DOS attacks to properly encrypt and decrypt, we’ll see everything in Action.


1.) Why you should take Security Seriously?

2.) Cross site scripting (XSS) protection

3.) Cross site request forgery (CSRF) protection

4.) SQL injection protection

5.) Clickjacking protection

6.) Session security

7.) Preventing DOS attacks

8.) Properly implementing Encryption/Decryption

9.) Other Best Practices

Speaker bio

Kapil Bakshi is a very passionate techie with an aim to embrace technology, imbibe every bit of it, transcend all the barriers and turn ideas into reality. His experience spans across edtech, fintech and logistics sectors where he has developed things from scratch taking them to a level where they have scaled drastically and have become a brand in their respective domains.

He is currently working at BlackBuck which is redefining the logistics landscape of India, making it reliable and efficient. Kapil is playing an important role there to improve quality of all apps, doing optimisations and helping the company scale to go much beyond.

He is a full stack developer and many times single-handedly built complex features which have proven to be very beneficial for business.

His areas of interest include testing, architectural best practices and security.


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