PyCon Pune 2017

A conference on the Python programming language

Maninderjit Bindra


Using Cognitive Services in python projects

Submitted Nov 29, 2016

Microsoft Cognitive Services are a set of APIs, SDKs and services available to developers to make their applications more intelligent, engaging and discoverable. This talk starts with an overview of Key Cognitive services APIs . Then with short python demos, we will look at some of the cognitive services APIs including Vision (Analyse image, identify faces, age, emotions, recognize celebrities, etc) , Speech (Speech to text, including custom recognition) and Language (Intent and entity detection, sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction etc) APIs.


Speaker bio

Maninderjit Bindra is a Solutions Architect, and has 16 years of industry experience. He has designed and implemented several high volume, business critical applications and APIs, using open source Technologies. In his current role (Technical Evangelist with Microsoft) he helps partners, customers and developers in building scalable and resilient solutions on the Microsoft cloud platform. He is also a docker community mentor for the docker Mumbai user group



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