PyCon Pune 2017

A conference on the Python programming language

Ravina More


Python for Engineering students

Submitted Nov 18, 2016

A talk followed by a discussion on how to introduce engineering students from various streams to Python. It will contain the must know tools for all engineers followed by specialised tools for every stream of engineering. This is not a tutorial on learning Python.


  1. Lorenz attractor- what it is, Graph, Python representation
  2. Distinguishing features of Python
  3. Python as the most popular tool in US universities for teaching introductory computer science
  4. Case study: Pune University Engineering Syllabus
  5. Comparison of sample codes - Python vs Present approach
    5.a. Matrix Multiplication
    5.b. Matrix - Inverse Property
    5.c. Plotting of sine wave (Examples-Amplitude Modulation, Beats, Intereference/Diffraction)
    5.d. Complex Number Operations
    5.e. Fourier Transform
    5.f. Curve Tracing
    5.g. Solving Differential Equations
    5.h. Non-ideal Gas Equation
    5.i. Electronics-expEYES
    5.j. Curve Fitting after experiments
  6. Must know libraries for every engineer- Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib
  7. Jupyter
  8. Conclusion
  9. Summary


Pen and Paper

Speaker bio

I am an Mtech student. I interned with TCS innovation labs for a year on their satellite image processing project in Python.


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