PyCon Pune 2017

A conference on the Python programming language

Abhijit Gadgil


Learning about Internet Routing using python

Submitted Nov 30, 2016

This talk will basically cover at a very high level how Internet routing works and how one can use Python to find out interesting information about what’s happening in Internet. More details can be found out at


NOTE: This is a proposal that I submitted for Pycon India 2016
This is going to be a talk about a mini-project, that started with a simple question. Can I find out what percentage of Internet traffic that I browse is served from India and what percentage is served from outside of India?

Implementing IP lookup in Python

About numpy.dtype arrays vs. python struct.

Python allocator

I’d briefly cover at the end - how you can write your own geoiplookup service.


Good to understand basic IP networking and awareness about Python numpy. I will cover basics of Internet routing and routing protocols for the session to be understandable.

Speaker bio

Basically a C/C++ programmer, I hack in python for things that I want to explore.




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