PyCon Pune 2017

A conference on the Python programming language

Jackson Isaac


Getting started with Python Packaging on Fedora

Submitted Nov 1, 2016

Why is packaging important?
Why should an enterprise developer package their application?
Why python packages?
In this talk, the audience will get to know about the basics of packaging python applications on Fedora and the process to submit their first package and review packages by others. This talk will also cover how to build the package for different versions of Fedora and EPEL.


The talk will be as follows:
1. Introduction to Fedora packaging and setting up the system.
2. Creating a FAS account.
3. Discussing .spec file.
4. Mock build and testing the package.
5. Push the package upstream for testing and acceptance.
6. Reviewing others packages.


(Optional for a talk/required for a workshop) Laptop with f24 and fedora-packager installed for a hands-on experience.

Speaker bio

Google Summer of Code 2015 student developer.
Fedora packager.
FudCon 2015 participant and speaker.



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