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Raj Kumar Maurya


Django Inside Out: A complete Python Web framework for fast, secure and scalable Web application.

Submitted Nov 6, 2016

Django is a high-level free and open-source Python Web framework which follows the model-view-template (MVT) architectural pattern. It encourages rapid application development which is fast, secure and scalable with pragmatic design. Django is developed with a goal to build complex, database-driven websites with ease. It provides hassle free web app development experience and other core functionalities.

In this talk I will talk about the complete architecture of the Django framework, about its component, getting started with building an example web application. And some other performance and optimization tools and techniques.

In this talk the audience (preferably beginner and intermediate level), will know how to get started with Django and sample running web application on the go as well as with core concepts of Django (MVT) architecture and a bit of Python magic.


###Understanding the (MVT) approach of Django
- The Modal Layer : Abstraction layer (the “models”) for structuring and manipulating the data of your Web application.
- The View Layer : The concept of “views” to encapsulate the logic responsible for processing a user’s request and for returning the response.
- The Template Layer : A designer-friendly syntax for rendering the information to be presented to the user.

###Building a simple live web app using Django Framework [Example]
- A simple web application to set up and running with Django Framework.
- Understanding some MVT concept in application.
- The Development process.

###Performance and Optimization Overview
-Tools and techniques that can help get your code running more efficiently.


###This talk is intended for getting up and running the Django web application [live]. Participants are requested to to install the following software as a prerequisite:
- Python 3.4.x
- Install [Django] []
- Some basic Python programming language and front-end technologies would be helpful

Speaker bio

Raj Kumar Maurya is an Open Source enthusiast, currently a final year undergraduate of Computer Science and Enigneering. He is a Free Open Source Software [FOSS] contributor and actively involved in contributing to Mozilla, DuckDuckgo, NumFOCUS, Wikimedia, WordPress and Docker. He is currently a Language Leader in DuckDuckgo. Apart from this he has research and industrial experience as an intern at various positions at tech. startups and also worked as Software Engineer intern at Xerox Research India.



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