PyCon Pune 2017

A conference on the Python programming language

Ankur Maurya


Deploying and Scaling Django Web Application

Submitted Nov 14, 2016

Web framework are slow because there is a lot of unnecessary code that is not needed for your application. Generally We think slowness is caused due to Framework or the Language we select to deploy, Slowness is caused due to umanaged request and unused functions. In this talk, we will discuss How to collaborate other Open Source Technologies with Django to make it highly scalable.


This talk can be broadly classified into 3 Major sections:
Deployment of Django with Web Server configuration.
Using Caching with Django.
Scaling Django.


This talk is majorly for Django developers. Anyone can attend this event If they are planning to start with Django or facing trouble in making their web projects scalable and reduce application latency.

Speaker bio

I have been working on Django web applications from last 3 years. Now I am working as a Tech Consultant and Cryptocurrency enthusiast.


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