PWL Sep 2023: "SQLite: Past, Present, and Future"

PWL Sep 2023: "SQLite: Past, Present, and Future"

SQLite: Past, Present, and Future, read by Avinash

About the paper

How does the two decade old OLTP database engine, SQLite, fare against the new workload (OLAP)? SQLite: Past, Present and Future paper discusses performance of SQLite in various workloads (including OLAP) measured against DuckDB ‘SQLite for analytics’. How did these benchmarks and sound engineering practice enabled the SQLite core team optimize for the OLAP workload? What was not possible while maintaining SQLite’s backward compatibility? What further areas to explore to gain performance?

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Key takeaways for the audience

  • A historical perspective of SQLite
  • A thorough evaluation of SQLite on analytical workloads
  • Optimisations on SQLite for analytical data processing
  • Ideas on further performance improvements in SQLite

About the presenter and discussant

Avinash Sajjanshetty is a seasoned developer specialising in designing and scaling backend systems. His interests include databases, storage engines, and message queues. He is also one of the core maintainers for libsql, an open-source and open-contribution fork of SQLite.

Currently, he’s working with Turso, an edge-hosted, distributed database based on SQLite.

Of late, he is exploring Rust and building CaskDB, an educational project for building a KV Store from the ground up. The project offers bite-sized challenges focused on rectifying failing unit tests, making it an engaging learning experience.

Divyanshu Ranjan has been working as software engineer for almost a decade now. He has been invovled with PWL bangalore community since he presented Dafny paper last year. He is fascinated by software verification with passing interest in databases and distributed systems.

RSVP and venue

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Attic Space - Chanakya

1st floor, No. 32, 2nd cross, Nanjappa Reddy Layout, Village

opp. Ganga Sagar Hotel, Koramangala 8th Block, Koramangala

Bengaluru - 560095

Karnataka, IN

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