Booklet / पुस्तिका :

This is a bi –lingual pocket booklet with stories around menstruation. Narratives around menstruation are often restricted to just girls and women, leaving out so many people. It’s important to understand that not all women menstruate. At the same time not all people who menstruate are women. The narrative in this booklet has stories from people who we don’t usually hear about.

This booklet is a collaborative project by Tanupriya Das, Muskan Agarwal, (Students, IIIT, Delhi), Prachi Jain (Student NID, AP), Twisha Mehta (Graphic Designer) and the Jatan Sansthan team.

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The Uger Project was started in 2011 – “Uger” means “new beginnings” in the Mewari language of South Rajasthan. This is a movement focusing on breaking silence around the subject of menstruation, promoting menstrual health and combating the growing use of disposable products and bringing back respe… more