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The Westin, Pune

About the event

Abhishek Deshpande

@fitehal Proposing

Prototyping: The Scientific Method of Business

Submitted Feb 1, 2018

For years, Webmasters have adapted prototyping and research to answer the most pressing questions that businesses face. We’ll look at how webmasters at any level can use these tools to make themselves indispensable to their organizations.


it will be great if someone share how he/she Prototyped his/her business.

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Rahul Bajaj

Katello : Content Management System for Foreman

Katello is a Foreman plugin that can be used to manage all kind of content, RPMs, Puppet modules, and Docker repositories. With it, you can apply errata to update packages on your hosts, manage subscriptions, stage your content through environments and much more. more

05 Feb 2018