Examine the role of technology in elections

Examine the role of technology in elections

Call for evidence about risks and benefits of introducing blockchain in India's electoral systems

Hina Binte Haq


Pakistan's Internet Voting Experiment

Submitted Jun 18, 2021

Pakistan recently conducted small-scale trials of a remote Internet voting system for overseas citizens. If this system is deployed in the next general elections —as seems likely —this development would constitute the largest enfranchised diaspora in the world. This contribution, reports on the experience: it documents the unique combination of socio-political, legal, and institutional factors motivating this exercise. It describes the system and it’s reported vulnerabilities, and also highlights new issues pertaining to materiality.

Pakistan’s Internet Voting Experiment, Fourth International Joint Conference on Electronic Voting E-Vote-ID 2019 : 1-4 October 2019, Lochau/Bregenz, Austria. Preprint link: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1907.07765.pdf


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