Examine the role of technology in elections

Examine the role of technology in elections

Call for evidence about risks and benefits of introducing blockchain in India's electoral systems

Samir dayal singh


A truly democratic election process, fundamentals

Submitted May 22, 2021

  1. everyone should be able to understand it
  2. everyone should agree to it
  3. everyone should be able to verify it easily, at all points, hence transparent

One of the learnings we had at HH, while exploring the process of democratic voting, was that the process should be transparent enough to be well understood by the people participants, to be able to trust the process. Without which it may be a perfect process, but forced onto its participants to agree without understanding, a key feature of the current voting system we have.
imho, kindly explore how such processes could be understood by/explained to,
and be often&easily available for verification by the lay man.
I strongly believe in the cause. More power to you.


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