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Offloading heavy-ness of web-apps to Redis Queues

Submitted Mar 4, 2014

A step by step account on how easy it is to integrate a redis queueing system into a python/django powered web-application. And how much it can improve the performance and life of developers. This session will give an idea into what life was without queues and what it is now.


The session will broadly cover -

Intro to Redis Queues
Basic intro to RQ {python lib for queueing jobs and workers}
Background to django-rq {django’s integration with rq}
Configuring django-rq to work with any django project
@job decorator {deep-dive into some code}
Performance analysis of web-app with no queues vs minimal queues
The learnings


Some basic knowledge of python, django, redis generally would be enough.

Speaker bio

Co-Founder and Architect @TripThirsty @IdeophoneLabs
Loves playing around with python/django, architecting web-applications
Helped building @TripThirsty | @suruk | @autofare | @pyka | @onetouchsos | @kopa_app


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