Content Web Series - on content marketing, publishing, CMS

Content Web Series - on content marketing, publishing, CMS

This week: Image formats, optimisations, responsiveness and more.

This space is all about the good ol’ websites that we’ve been designing and publishing for decades. Online publishing, marketing websites and the likes have always been on the rise. And so have the supporting tools, technologies and techniques for website publishing and content management. The practices of web design, development and content publishing have grown in complexity much faster than the spaces available to discuss them (esp. if you don’t want to get sucked into the constant buzz around JS frameworks, web applications or product development). In this space we plan to stay focussed on content publishing, web design, web development and the business around it.

Sessions will not be recorded or live streamed. We want this to be a safe space for people to interact, share, ask questions and answer, without hesitation. If a session is recorded and streamed in future, participants will be notified in advance.

The hosts and curators for the initial sessions are Souvik Das Gupta and Jitendra Vyas.

Past Sessions

  1. May 2: CSS for Rich Text Editors and User Generated Content
  2. May 9: Websites and Content Management Systems (CMS)
  3. May 16: Headless vs Traditional CMS (Guest: Aakash Goel)
  4. May 23: Rent, Buy or Build a CMS (Guest: Arpan Chinta)
  5. May 30: Technical SEO - what is technical SEO and how can publishers/business owners meet good practices?
  6. June 6: Why Craft CMS? How does Craft CMS compare against the usual suspects, and why use it?
  7. June 13: Images for the Web - Image formats, optimisations, responsiveness and more. (Guest: Rahul Nanwani)

Who should participate
This space offers a good mix of content, design, development and business. Anyone who works with content websites should find the conversations interesting and relevant. In particular, we feel that you should join us if you’re a:

  1. Website Developer
  2. Website Designer
  3. Content Strategist or Creator
  4. Marketer/SEO Expert
  5. Product Manager
  6. Publisher/Business Owner

Suggest topics you want to hear/talk about - for future sessions - on the Comments section.

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