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Gestalt Principles and its application in Web Design

Submitted by raghav tantry (@raghavtantry) on Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Technical level: Intermediate

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Gestalt Principles describe how everyone visually perceives the world around them. What are these principles ? How can they help us make the design user friendly ? Knowing the principle alone took me no where and I had to dig deeper to understand how to use it. The objective is to cover all the gestalt principles and their application in web design and how it helps us to in creating future proof designs.


Gestalt Principles is a theory of mind that helps us to simplify the chaotic world presented to us.We use it every day unknowingly to understand and simplify the world around us. Proper application of these principles will help us to create innovative and useful web designs and other interaction designs.This session will cover all the major gestalt principles and how they can help us to design better user experience.

Speaker bio

UI/ UX Consultant @CDK-India


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