Meta Refresh 2015: Mumbai Run-up

Content Design and Layout

Interaction Design in the times of the Small Screen


Raj Desai


To The understand and explore the design implications when the world is spending more time on smaller screens and how it impacts overall design and User Interaction Experience.


The landscape for most UI /UX design has changed drastically inthe last few years. Users are switching between multiple devices now more than ever. This requires a fresh new look at UI and the way a user sees and interacts with any website or application. Also the changes go way deeper than just the look and feel. People are getting used to certain gestures and actions. What is needed now is to understand the patterns running in the users’ minds to help develop the patterns for the products:)

Speaker bio

Raj Desai is the CoFounder of ThinkScream ( a company that builds RFID and WiFi Products) and ( an online platform that lets you search explore and book beauty services). He’s a big fan of Hactivism and also runs CodeForChaos that helps solve civic issued using new age technology.