Meta Refresh 2015: Mumbai Run-up

Content Design and Layout

Contributing to PykCharts.js (Responsive d3.js charts without the complexity of d3.js)


Ronak Bhandari


We just launched PykCharts.js - 26+, open source, design biased, responsive charts under the BSD license. This session will do a code walk through of the architecture of PykCharts.js so d3.js developers can contribute to the library.


d3.js is powerful but tough to use! You could copy-paste from d3.js examples but they have inconsistent design and input data formats! For pro-users, coding in d3.js can get easily chaotic. PykCharts.js is our attempt to addresses these issues!

  • Problems with d3.js
  • Solution
  • Charting Design Guidelines we follow
  • Input Data Reusability
  • Code Architecture
  • Configuration Params
  • How to contribute


Knowledge of Javascript, d3.js, CSS

Speaker bio

Ronak Bhandari is a Data Artist at Data Visualization. He primarily codes in Javascript.