Meta Refresh 2015: Delhi Run-up

Data-centric mobile web design

Siddharth Deswal


How to Communicate Better with Marketing, Sales and Other 'Business' Types

Submitted Mar 14, 2015

You’ll learn that

  1. Not everyone understands code
  2. Yet they matter to the organization
  3. And how you should communicate with them


Unfortunately, most organizations these days are comprised of people who simply don’t know how to code, or even have a beginner level understanding of the intricacies that go into creating a product.

I’ll show you

  1. the language that these marketing and sales types understand
  2. how to get your point across with minimal frustration
  3. how to make them stop coming to you for the smallest problems
  4. how to tell them that creating a feature in one week is impossible
  5. and how to keep your sanity as they run amok in your organization


  1. An open mind
  2. A sense of humour

Speaker bio

I’m a Senior Marketer at VWO and I’ve been hobby-coding since 1997. Started with QBASIC, went on to C++ and currently am trying to figure out Natural Language Processing in Python. So I understand how engineers and business types think, putting me in a unique position to bridge the gap between them.


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