Meta Refresh 2014

On the construction of user interface on the web

Prashant Singh


Web UX – Present and future

Submitted Dec 9, 2013

Styling related features for the web have improved phenomenally. This talk will focus on these cutting new features in CSS, showing how you will be styling for web in the future. This includes:
Flex box
CSS regions
CSS shapes
CSS Filters
Blend modes
and other interesting additions to the open web platform.


We as a generation of web designers are privileged, for the web has never been more powerful as now. With features like CSS regions and shapes, the new HTML has blown away the traditional limitations of how digital content was laid out in a browser. In this session, you will explore the web as the powerful medium it has become for the modern designer. You will see how you can wrap text in custom shapes, have it flow over images to other text nodes without changing dom order. Also, we now have photoshop like masks and styling inside the browser. We will discuss how these cutting-edge new features can be used to create multi-device, responsive and rich web experiences.

Speaker bio

Prashant is a Software Developer working for Adobe on Web platform tooling. He was working earlier as a Flash Platform Evangelist. He is passionate about developing for the Web and speaks regularly at Industry and developer focused conferences having recently spoken at IDPF Conf and GIDS(Great Indian Developer Summit). He also contributes to premium education by conducting workshops and hands on sessions to make the student population aware about the richer internet.



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