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Ronak Bhandari


Introducing PykCharts.js - opensource reusable charts in d3.js

Submitted Jan 4, 2014

PykCharts.js is an open-source library of reusable charts similar to NVD3 and HighCharts.

@developers: PykCharts.js was built with the single aim of making it trivial for developers to use d3.js charts in their projects. Hence, developers with minimum knowledge of d3 can write a single line interface in their HTML to render complex d3 charts.

@contributors: The long term vision of PykCharts is to build / evolve a framework on top of d3 for developing clean, structured and reusable charts.

The objective of the talk is to launch the library, help developers use it and encourage developers to contribute back to it.


  • Introduction to PykCharts
  • Vision: Why PykCharts?
  • License
  • Documentation: How to use PykCharts?
  • What next? The path forward
  • Contributing to PykCharts

Speaker bio

Ronak works as a Data Engineer at Pykih. He works in the intersection of Data Modelling and Data Visualization. Apart from developing in d3.js, he does a lot of data modelling in Pentaho and OLAP. Prior to joining Pykih, Ronak ran his own boutique web development business. Some of his work is at Pykih > Work. You can follow him at @pykih.


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