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Sunil Pai


The great designer-developer treaty negotiations of 2013.



Every day, the same damn noise.

You walk in, grab some coffee. 10 mins later, the developers and designers set out to kill each other.

  • “This can’t be converted to html, css isn’t good enough for it. Don’t you understand the medium?”
  • “Yeah well, the psd was clear about the whitespace, you just didn’t care”
  • “Perhaps I should visit each of our 100k visitors and give them your custom font pack cd?”
  • “This change should only take 5 minutes, what’s taking you so long?”
  • “It’s been a week and you’re just finishing the logo?!”
  • “this isn’t what I designed at all”
  • “this design involves breaking a law of physics”
  • ”%#$%@&”
  • ”%$#@$%#W$#”

Every. Damn. Day.

I have some ideas on how to fix it. Let’s talk.

Speaker bio

Sunil Pai is a modern day hippie who’s afraid of design reviews, exception handling, and bellybuttons.

He’s spoken at hasgeek and blorejs events
and worked at a bunch of places, including visa, yahoo, idiom, the GOI, and his uncle’s garage.