Meta Refresh 2013

The design and engineering of user interface on the web

Rajasekharan Vengalil


Asynchrony on the web

Submitted Jan 30, 2013

Gain perspective on the underlying asynchronous nature of the web and insight into best practices for building high performance, well designed asynchronous web apps.


The web is essentially synchronous - web clients typically aren’t but web apps tend to be. Bits of asynchrony has crept into the web app platform however over time both from a standards perspective and from a JavaScript libraries point of view.

Asynchrony is here to stay. What patterns and practices can we as web devs adopt to make sure that our apps remain responsive and make optimum use of resources while not ending up with a steaming pile of code at the same time that can potentially precipitate nuclear fission when executed? Join this talk to review some tips, tricks and best practice approaches to handling asynchrony on the web.

Speaker bio

Raj has been a part of the IT Industry for more than a decade and works as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. He has worked on a wide range of Microsoft products & technologies ranging from VC++, MFC and Win32 programming to the latest developments on the web front, JavaScript and .NET. His current focus is on advances in web development, HTML5 and building rich internet applications. When he’s not tinkering around with a computer he can be found reading, playing tennis, listening to music or playing FPS games.


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