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HTML5 and CSS3 for building rich applications

Submitted by Sagar Ganatra (@sagarg) on Jan 28, 2013

Section: Patterns Technical level: Beginner Session type: Tutorial Status: Submitted


The objective of this session is to introduce the audience to various HTML5 APIs and enhancements in CSS3. These features will help them design and build rich applications for the web.


HTML5 is all about building rich applications for the web. It brings several new APIs which can be leveraged by the developers to build modern applications. The enhancements in CSS3 allows designers and developers to build great experiences for the web. This session will explain several new APIs for the web like - CSS Regions, CSS transitions, CSS transforms, CSS gradients, CSS Filter effects, HTML5 PageVisibility API and also on the WebRTC (Real Time Communication) which allows developers to build applications that can interact with the video and audio devices.


HTML, CSS and very little JavaScript knowledge.

Speaker bio

My name is Sagar Ganatra and I'm from Bangalore, India. I'm currently employed with Myntra - India's largest online fashion store. I work here as a Senior UI developer. Prior to Myntra I was employed with Adobe and Keane. At Adobe, I was part of ColdFusion Engineer team. I'm very much passionate of web technologies and have a very good understanding of JavaScript, jQuery, Flex, HTML5, CSS, Java and ColdFusion.

My blog posts have been featured in various technical magazines like, and I've also written technical articles for Adobe and Microsoft.



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