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Karthik Kastury


Optimizing Modern Web Applications for Performance

Submitted Mar 28, 2012

To help the folks building modern web applications, on understanding some of the best practices for building web applications that scream!


Modern Web Applications are becoming more and more heavier on the client side. With the added interactivity, applications today are seeing a lot more JS heavy stuff.

I’ll be talking about the basics of performance optimizations, which most people already know about, i.e. minimize requests, combine JS/CSS, use CDNs etc, while covering in more detail stuff Async JS Loading, HTTP Chunking, Google SPDY and such.


An Open Mind on how important Performance really is! :D

Speaker bio

I’m the Performance Guy at PayPal India(eBay Inc.), building Performance as a key attribute into the Next Generation of PayPal’s presence on the Web.

In my free time I dabble with Web Frameworks, researching on the various things that go into making applications fast and responsive.

I also occasionally blog at



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