Meta Refresh 2012

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Amit Agarwal


New features in Javascript: ECMA 5

Submitted Mar 30, 2012

To explain all the new features of Javascript and how do they help in rapid prototyping.


Session covers latest stuff and features in Javascript language.
- Locking and immutable objects
- QuerySelectors
- Strict Mode
- Lexical Conventions
- ClassList

I will be covering almost all new features in ECMAScript 5, DOM and BOM and will be explaining how do they help in speeding your front end development.


Participant should be enough familiar with Javascript, CSS and basics of DOM.

Speaker bio

I am a User Interface Developer working with Google, Bangalore. I code JS almost every minute when I am at work. Also, I am @alterjs.
I do write at when I get some thing interesting to post.


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