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Uday M. Shankar


Ninja Prototyping with Templating Engines

Submitted Mar 8, 2012

Learn Hi-Speed Hi-Fidelity Prototyping Techniques using Templating Engines.


Hi-speed Prototyping of Front End code using Templating Engines like EJS, Handlebars running off Nodejs.

Speaker bio

Uday (udayms) is a UX/Front Architect specializing in the art of managing expectations - Prototyping. Uday presently owns the Front End Architecture & Design Prototyping function in HP UX Studio, Bangalore - India. Where, he works closely with designers, developers and product managers to design and prototype experiences across web and handheld devices.

He also conducts sessions/workshops on Prototyping & FE Development at design institutes like TechnoPoint and NID - Bangalore.


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