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Mrinal Wadhwa


GPU programming with WebGL

Submitted Apr 2, 2012

This will be an introductory tutorial to GPU programming with WebGL.


This will be a tutorial to the fundamentals of GPU programming with WebGL. We’ll start by getting a gpu rendering context and with an overview of some of the basic mathematics involved. We’ll then write a few simple vertex and fragment shaders in GLSL and see how we can run a gpu program. We will also discuss ways of adding movement and animation. Finally, we’ll explore various 3D and 2D abstractions that we can create on top of the low level webgl api to get easy access to fast GPU accelerated graphics in our applications.

Speaker bio

I’m a programmer and the founder of a small data analysis and visualization startup called Factors. I’ve been building web applications for roughly 8 years and my intrest in GPU programming stems from its potential use for advanced data visualization within browsers as well as for fast parellel calculations on large data sets.

More about me:



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