The big data paradox: how a company like Mozilla is focussing on better data, not more

The big data paradox: how a company like Mozilla is focussing on better data, not more

A public lecture on alternative frameworks of data collection

About the public lecture:

The hype around “big data and “data-driven decisions” seems to only grow, but so have people’s concerns about what data companies have about them and how it is used. In this debate, Mozilla is a unique software community backed by a non-profit and advocating principles that puts consumers, privacy, and transparency first.

In this lecture senior members from Mozilla’s leadership will share their experiences about creating first-class products that don’t compromise personal data and focus instead on what matters: function, performance, engagement, and trust.


Stan Leong is Vice President and General Manager of Mozilla’s Emerging Markets Group based in Taipei.

Dr. Rebecca Weiss is Mozilla’s Director of Data Science, based in Mountain View.

Urmkia - Mika - Devi Shah is Associate General Counsel of Product, Privacy and IP at Mozilla, based in San Francisco.

Videos from the lecture:

Videos from the lecture are published here:

In these videos:

  1. Kiran Jonnalagadda, founder and CTO of HasGeek, explains the nuances of lean data and how the concept has been appropriated in different societies.
  2. Dr. Rebecca Weiss talks about the relationship between data quality and privacy-first culture in organizations.
  3. Stan Leong explains why lean data produces a competitive advantage which can help companies build trust with consumers and reputation for its brand.
  4. The Q&A session facilited by Urmika Devi Shah contains nuances and insights about data governance, the seeming paradox between lean data and building AI products, GDPR and regulations.

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Why companies are adopting Lean Data Practices

Stan Leong

23 minutes11 October 2019

The Big Data Paradox - how a company like Mozilla is focussing on better data, not more

28 minutes11 October 2019

Introduction to LDP and why Mozilla Corporation is invested in this project

Kiran Jonnalagadda, co-founder and CTO,

8 minutes11 October 2019

Discussion on data practices

39 minutes11 October 2019


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