From procrastination to promptitude

From procrastination to promptitude

A workshop to help you overcome procrastination



An astounding 84% of the population admits to indulging in procrastination.

40% admit to have suffered financial loss due to procrastination.

Are you one of them?

Workshop Course Contents: This workshop consists of pre-recorded sessions and worksheets. Take the courses at your own time and pace. Each month, the instructor will conduct one live session to address your questions and issues.

Topics which will be covered in course material:

  1. Understanding procrastination
  2. Procrastination cycle
  3. Changing procrastination
  4. Dismissing procrastination excuses
  5. Practical techniques to stop procrastination
  6. Getting to the core limiting beliefs of your procrastination
  7. Adjusting unhelpful beliefs and assumptions
  8. Tolerating discomfort
  9. Putting it all together

What do you get from this workshop:

  • Six hours of pre-recorded sessions - which you can take at your own time and pace.
  • Share your questions via comments, for instructor to respond. Access to participants-only forum, to discuss further and ask questions in between sessions.
  • Once-a-month live interaction with the instructor to get answers to your questions, and to listen to your peers.
  • Hands-on practice with perspective shifting and cognitive reframing techniques.
  • An e-book about procrastination based on the course.
  • E-copy of blank worksheets with filled examples for personal use.

About the instructor: Tarique Sani is a Psychotherapist, Paediatrician, Forensic Expert. PHP geek, Photographer, Cyclist, currently a Runner. Tarique has been conducting monthly closed-door sessions with Kilter since June 2020, including the session on Procrastination to Productivity which led to the conceptualization of this workshop.

Contact details: For further information, contact Kilter on 7676332020 or write to

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