Tarique Sani


10 practical techniques to overcome procrastination

Submitted Feb 21, 2021

Here are 10 practical techniques to overcome procrastination:

  1. The worst first - start with the most disdainful aspects of the task to get over the worst part of the task/goal.
  2. Use momentum by starting with the tasks you enjoy doing.
  3. Just five minutes of tolerating discomfort - this is like going on a run where the first five minutes are uncomfortable. But as you keep moving despite the discomfort, you start to feel more comfortable and better.
  4. Set time limits - don’t do the entire task all at once.
  5. Utilize your prime time or your best times in the day to complete difficult tasks.
  6. Prime place - choose the right place for the right task, a place that helps you avoid distractions.
  7. Remember - then do. As soon as you recall that something needs to be done, get it done right then.
  8. Use reminders - place visual prompts, post-it notes, etc before you to get into action.
  9. Visualize positive consequences of completing the task to motivate yourself.
  10. Focus - calm your mind.
  11. Bonus tip: plan rewards - guilt-free rewards and play time for completing uncomfortable tasks.


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