Do milk supplements have nutritional value?

Do milk supplements have nutritional value?

Reading labels on packaged foods.

Milk supplements claim to boost immunity by providing nutrients and vitamins. What do the labels on these milk supplements not tell you? What is it that you should know, and therefore be forewarned when it comes to your health and intake?

In this session, speaker Huda Masood will explain:

  1. Label reading for three vulnerable demographics - children, pregnant women and the elderly.
  2. Common loopholes to decipher.
  3. Alternatives you can purchase or DIY.

About the speaker: Huda Masood is a nerd with a science and research background. With an undergrad in dental surgery, a master’s degree in stem cell research and regenerative medicine, Huda runs a small, artisanal, organic adventure food manufacturing company in Bangalore. She is passionate about preserving healthy, nutritionally dense, locally sourced food for travel over long periods of time without using synthetic additives. Her industry experience combined with her research background allows her to have an indignant, grumbly perspective on most food labeling practices.

Participation in this session is via Zoom. Zoom link will be shared with registered participants only. Or, you can watch the livestream on this page.

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Q&A session

Q&A session

28 minutes30 August 2020
Talk: Reading labels on packaged milk supplments

Talk: Reading labels on packaged milk supplments

Huda Masood

27 minutes30 August 2020

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