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From determining what type of a cook you are, the absolute minimum kitchen tools you need and trying to understand a recipe rather than just following measurements. Let’s take a step back and look at food like how nerds do - with a little bit of science and more like hacking.

This session will cover:

  1. Why do we cook?
  2. What type of cook are you?
  3. Understanding recipes and measurements.
  4. Cooking for one versus cooking for many.
  5. Kitchen tools and equipment.
  6. Choosing your ingredients - smell, taste and texture.
  7. Your most important friends - time and temperature.

Anyone with a fearless mind and hungry belly should attend this session.

About the speaker: Max Da Vinci co-hosts the podcast - Max’s cooking videos are available on:
Max has built his culinary journey from the love for cooking and inability to pay for what counts as fine dining. He is always looking at new recipes from cuisines across the globe, and trying to adapt them to what is available locally.

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Q&A session

Q&A session

Moderated by Nadika Nadja

19 minutes11 October 2020
Kitchen Tools & No Rules

Kitchen Tools & No Rules

Max Da Vinci

2 hours11 October 2020

Hosted by

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