Computational Gastronomy

Computational Gastronomy

An Introduction to the Science of Food

Cooking forms the core of our cultural identity, other than being the basis of nutrition and health. The increasing availability of culinary data, and the advent of computational methods for their scrutiny, is dramatically changing the artistic outlook towards gastronomy.

Starting with a seemingly simple question, ‘Why do we eat what we eat?’, a data-driven research conducted in our lab has led to interesting explorations of traditional recipes, their flavor composition, and health associations. Our investigations have revealed ‘culinary fingerprints’ of regional cuisines across the world, starting with the case study of Indian cuisine.

Application of data-driven strategies for investigating the gastronomic data has opened up exciting avenues, giving rise to an all-new field of ‘Computational Gastronomy’. This emerging interdisciplinary science asks questions of culinary origin to seek their answers via the compilation of culinary data and their analysis using methods of statistics, computer science, and artificial intelligence. Along with complementary experimental studies, these endeavors have the potential to transform the food landscape by effectively leveraging data-driven food innovations for better health and nutrition.

Topics that will be covered in this session include:

  1. Recipes and food pairing
  2. Taste, nutrition and health
  3. Novel recipe generation

This session is open to anyone who has an interest in food, recipes, and data-driven thinking.

RSVP to participate via Zoom link and to leave comments for the speaker before and after the session. Or, watch the session via livestream on this page.

About the speaker: Prof. Ganesh Bagler is known for the pioneering research in ‘Computational Gastronomy,’ the emerging discipline that blends food with data science. Trailblazing research from his lab has established foundations of this niche area that deals with food, flavors, nutrition, and health.

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Q&A session

Q&A session

26 minutes12 July 2020
An introduction to Computational Gastronomy - the Science of Food

An introduction to Computational Gastronomy - the Science of Food

Ganesh Bagler

1 hour12 July 2020

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