Tarique Sani


ABC of Rational Eating - Why your dieting doesn't work?!

Submitted Aug 31, 2020

Use the power of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to learn a lifetime of healthy eating habits and weight loss.


In this workshop you will learn why your diets have failed in the past. How to learn to think like a successful diet maintainer and diet without being on a “diet”, meaning this workshop doesn’t prescribe a diet. What this workshop does is teach you, what are the common sabotaging thoughts which hamper your dieting or eating practice. How to dispute these thoughts and what are the alternate thoughts. All this and some more you will learn in the context of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).

**What you’ll learn:

  • After completing this workshop you will be able to recognize what are your distorted patterns of thinking that you experience which hamper you in sticking to your diet programs.
  • You will start developing a toolkit to cope with your cognitive distortions around your eating habits.
  • CBT practitioners will know which cognitive distortions to look for in their clients for Rational Eating.

**Who this workshop for:

  • People who want to understand why they failed or continue to fail in their dieting program.
  • People who want to understand why they fail to control their eating.
  • If you have started a diet program but failed to stick to it and want to understand why it happened? This workshop is definitely for you.
  • CBT practitioners who want to start including “Rational Eating” in their sessions with their clients.

Speaker bio

Psychotherapist, Paediatrician, Forensic Expert. PHP geek, Photographer, Cyclist, currently a Runner.


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