ABC of Rational Eating - and why your dieting resolution doesn't work

In this session, you will learn why your diets have failed in the past. What are the common sabotaging thoughts which hamper your dieting or eating practice? How can you dispute these thoughts? What are the alternate thoughts?

What you will learn:

  • Recognition of distorted thinking patterns which prevent you from sticking to a diet program.
  • Developing a toolkit to cope with your cognitive distortions around your eating habits.
  • For participants who are CBT practitioners, you will learn which cognitive distortions to look for in their clients for Rational Eating.

Who this session for:

  • Those who want to understand why they failed, or continue to fail, in their dieting program.
  • Those who want to understand why they fail to control their eating.
  • CBT practitioners who want to start including “Rational Eating” in their sessions with their clients.

Participation: This is a closed door session, open to a maximum of 20 participants only. The session will be held as a meeting on Zoom. Link to the meeting will be shared only with registered participants.

About the facilitator: Dr. Tarique Sani is a Psychotherapist, Paediatrician, Forensic Expert. PHP geek, Photographer, Cyclist, currently a Runner.

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