JSFoo Reboot Fest: on lean practices for remote teams

Round table discussion for leadership and senior management on running remote work culture

Starting April 2020, JSFoo is organizing a series of Reboot Fest events online to create discussion spaces on changing times, practices and the shifts we have to make as organizations and individuals.

Nikhil Lanjewar will inaugurate the first JSFoo Reboot Fest event. He will share lean practices to enable and run remote work cultures across functions in an organization. This includes:

  1. Developer processes
  2. Project management practices

The session will address top challenges faced by practice heads in managing and coordinating with their teams and across functions. The intention is for key takeaways to trickle down to teams so that larger impact can be reached.

Date: Friday, 10 April
Time: 3:50 PM to 5:15 PM
Format: Structured interview for 30 mins followed by round table discussion
Participation: On first come first served basis.

Who should participate: leaders and senior managers of HR, product, engineering, operations and design in organizations.

Share the challenges and concerns of divisions/teams in your organization by:

  1. Tweeting to https://twitter.com/jsfoo
  2. Join our Slack channel and leave messages: https://friends.hasgeek.com
  3. Email to info@hasgeek.com
  4. Call JSFoo Reboot Fest on 7676332020

RSVP: This event is free to attend. RSVP to participate. Participation is limited; participants will be curated to meet the audience profile mentioned.

About the speaker: Nikhil Lanjewar is a technology agnostic full-stack developer and a conservationist. He is the former CTO of Jombay where he helped build a profitable venture from an early stage startup to a growth stage company. Jombay now has presence in multiple countries, and a suite of products based on industrial psychology applied for corporate capability assessment and development.
Nikhil independently consults with early and growth stage companies to design, architect, and build solutions, set up developer experiences and processes, and advise CXOs on tech strategy. He also dabbles with Ruby, NodeJS, React, cloud native, and serverless ecosystems for his work on conservation, ethno-musicology and other projects he is involved with.




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