Micro Frontends Conference

Micro Frontends Conference

Improving front-end architecture practices.



Swaraj Cheguri


Micro Frontends a Hybrid approach

Submitted Dec 8, 2021

In the world of current Micro Frontends eco system there are several ways where one can achieve the task of running different independent apps as one app, or in other words implement micro Frontends Architecture. We at Harness wanted to build our own framework/ approach which combines best of all the exisiting approaches and at the same time not depending on any particular third party library to bulid micro frontends apps.

In this talk we provide you in detail what all approaches we tried like Webpack Module Federation, Importing a app as library, loading different child apps in different div’s in body etc., before coming up with the Hybrid approach to acheive the micro frontends

Key takeaways

Participants will learn

  • Should you consider your own approach or use any exisiting framework

  • How to come up with there own framework or approach to implement micro frontends

  • What is the hybrid approach which Harness took to implement micro frontends

About Author
Swaraj Cheguri is a Senior Software Engineer at Harness. He works with Platform Team which provides UI framework components for the engineers at Harness, which they can use to build various modules/ features for Harness products. Before working with Harness, he has a vast experience in building front end apps for various companies like Cleartax, Factset


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