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Vijay Krishna Kudva


Hitting the right balance - building apps at scale with Micro Frontends - Uber's use case

Submitted Dec 9, 2021

In the modern world of frontend, Lifecycle of any frontend application has to deal with upgrading the tech stack. No matter how cutting edge stack you have built, with the speed of innovations we are seeing in the frontend world, it gets outdates easily.

Often in Enterprise web app ecosystems, its very difficult to take advantage of all the latest tech, due to the sheer complexity of the web apps. I often refer upgrading huge app architecture as, trying to upgrade a huge ship’s engine while its its running in sea while still delivering goods and both the delivery or the upgrade cant be compromized)

In this talk I would like to walk you through one of the usecases at Uber. I’m part of a team where we manage not just an app rather an ecosystem of apps whose different parts can be built by any team in Uber, yet provide a unified interface to the end user. How we used microfrontend architecture for dealing with such complexity, while having a perfect balance with prodcut feature deliveires and also dealing with multiple teams building things parallely.

About Author
My name is Vijay krishna Kudva, Engineering manager at Uber. I work in Customer Obession team at Uber and responsible for Building the Next Generation Platfrom for building App ecosystem for our Global Operations Team.
Previously worked at Myntra as Frontend Architect and built Myntra’s PWA and AMP ecosystem.


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