Micro Frontends Conference

Micro Frontends Conference

Improving front-end architecture practices.



Micro Frontends (MFEs) is quite a popular term in the frontend community. At times, it is also an over-used term. There are multiple schools of thought in the community, ranging from why MFE are the best suited for architecture for frontend development, to why MFE is a huge mistake.

Like all things in software development, the answer to “Is Microfrontends right for me?” is ... it depends. In this conference, we will unpack the various elements of MFEs, and hear about the joys and pains from people who have built MFEs.

JSFoo track on MFEs is curated by Vinci Rufus, VP of Technology at Publicis Sapient.

Key takeaways:

- Better understanding of what MFEs really mean.
- Tools and tech stacks that are commonly used for building MFEs.
- Connect with some of thought leaders in the MFE space. 

Who should attend:

- Frontend engineers building web apps on modern Javascript frameworks. 
- Mid to senior developers building large scale applications. 
- Senior Architects, CIOs and CTOs at startups and product companies who are evaluating using MFEs.

Who should speak:

We seek experiential and deep dive technology talks from individuals who are architects or frontend leads, who are either exploring or have built and deployed applications on a micro frontends architecture. See submission guidelines at https://hasgeek.com/jsfoo/microfrontends-conf/sub

Schedule: https://hasgeek.com/jsfoo/microfrontends-conf/schedule/

Contact information:

For inquiries about speaking or participating in the conference, post a comment at https://hasgeek.com/jsfoo/microfrontends-conf/comments
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Micro-Frontends anti-patterns

Micro-Frontends anti-patterns

Luca Mezzalira, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS

41 minutes28 January 2022
Micro Frontends - Communication Patterns

Micro Frontends - Communication Patterns

Sravya Chodisetti

22 minutes28 January 2022
MFE - An experimental transition journey

MFE - An experimental transition journey

Rohit Kumar

19 minutes28 January 2022
Breaking monolith architecture into micro frontends

Breaking monolith architecture into micro frontends

Upendra Dev Singh, VP of Engineering at Ixigo

39 minutes28 January 2022
Micro-Frontends with Module Federation: Beyond the Basics

Micro-Frontends with Module Federation: Beyond the Basics

Manfred Steyer

26 minutes28 January 2022

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