JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

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Rohan Goel


Rendering Vue sfc's inside Backbone apps

Submitted Jun 25, 2018

Rendering Vue sfc’s inside Backbone apps

There are a lot of articles to get started with Vue, but there are a lot of people who still use some older framework and want to shift on to something new. There are not much tutorials or articles on how one could do so. I will talk about my experience and challenges I faced while integrating Vue inside existing large Backbone app.


Backbone’s codebase gets hard to maintain when it gets too large and it does not provide the features which today’s modern frameworks provide. If you have a small team it is impossible to shift the codebase to something like VUE, so why not just build the new stuff in Vue.
This talk will be focused on:

  • Why should you should choose Vue
  • Vue’s loosely coupled behaviour made it possible to integrate it inside backbone
  • How beautifully Vue docks and takes control of the region it is docked upon.
  • Integrating Vue store for communication
  • Other challenges that I faced and how I solved for them.

Speaker bio

I am Rohan, currently working with the Frontend team at Socialcops.
I have been working on frontend for several years, have worked on Angularjs for 2 years, and have been working on Backbone and Vue at Socialcops maintaining a large and complex code base.
This is not a mere experiment, this was actually implemented in a product which is pushed to people using it in 20+ countries. This is a battle tested approach.


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