JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

Submit talks on JavaScript and full stack engineering round the year

Denis Radin

Pixel shaders based UI components + mini workshop let`s write your first pixel shader

Submitted Jan 12, 2018

5 years ago shaders transformed game graphics and became the technology behind all the amazing VFX we see in computer games. Now they are ready to rock the Web. Shaders are widely used in computer graphics providing unlimited abilities and amazing performance however for Web apps they are still underutilized despite wide browsers support. This talk introduces pixel shaders theory / history and then switches to solving a real world problem using shaders by making a small workshop during which you will write your first pixel shader based UI component and find how to integrate it with your Web application.


  • How many languages are well supported on the web?
  • You are wrong. At least one more is missing - GLSL and it is special…
  • History of GLSL
  • GLSL features
  • Simpliest pixel shader
  • Real world case for pixel shader based UI components
  • Workshop on writing your first ever pixel shader steps 1-8
  • Integrating GLSL components to your Web application
  • Time for a surprize! To prove GLSL is unbeatable in terms of performance and flexibility I livecode UI component made during the workshop into impressive music visualization. Nice point to start the party!?


Notebook with Google Chrome installed

Speaker bio

JavaScript engineer working on state of the Art 3d games at Evolution Gaming. Passionate about performance optimization, mastering workshop http://challengingnative.com, hosting http://react.asmterdam , http://amsterdamjs.com





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