JSFoo: round the year submissions

JSFoo: round the year submissions

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nader dabit


Building Serverless Web Applications with React and AWS Amplify

Submitted Aug 16, 2018

Building a modern production-ready web application entails many crucial yet sophisticated requirements including but not limited to authentication, analytics, an API layer, storage, caching, & offline functionality.

In this talk, I’ll introduce AWS Amplify, a CLI & client library that allows developers to quickly scaffold cloud enabled services like user-signin, a GraphQL API, Lambda functions, analytics, & even AR & VR services and hook them into their web application using the AWS Amplify JavaScript SDK.

AWS Amplify enables traditionally front-end developers to leverage their existing skillset to move further up the stack, allowing them to build full stack we & mobile applications by leveraging a large ecosystem of managed & serverless features & services.


With the multitude of managed services & microservices now available to handle things like user authorization, push notifications, analytics, & managed GraphQL layers (among other things), I think we’re beginning to see a shift in the industry of front-end developers moving further & further up the stack. With the release of the AWS Amplify CLI along with the AWS Amplify JavaScript SDK, front-end developers are now able to leverage their existing skill-set to have the ability to add back-end functionality that once was strictly limited to competent back-end engineers. In the same way that Serverless was a paradigm shift in how developers created & managed their scalable backends, services & frameworks like AWS Amplify will be a paradigm shift over the next couple of years in the front-end space.


Having node.js installed on their machine, being competent with working from the command line.

Speaker bio

Nader Dabit is a Developer Advocate at AWS Mobile. He’s also the author of React Native in Action published by Manning Publications, the creator of React Native Elements, & the host of the React Native Radio podcast.


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